Joel Lopez

Date of birth and Place june 7th 1987, las cruces
Current Sponsors: MFS,
Grew Up: las cruces
Currently Residing: las cruces
Where do you skate mostly? streets spots or skate park
Favorite skate video: all the zero videos
Favorite video part: Jamie Thomas in “dying to live”
Favorite bands or musicians: black sabbath, led zzepplin,
What are your influences? family, friends.
What are your future plans? since i am of probation, start skating more. and get my life together
How often do you skate a week? 3 times a week.
How long does a board tend to last? 2 weeks
Who are your Favorite Skaters jamie thomas. tom penny, koston, there but i can’t rembember…
Favorite Skate  spots local park and the banks/.
What kind of music do you listen to? 70′s rock 80′ rock, 90′s
What are some of your favorite movies? pulp fiction.
What are some of your favorite quotes “get busy living, get busy dying”
What are your hobbies of board? playing pool. video games, swimming
Best day of your life? Everyday
worst day of your life? to personal
Perfect Day? never
What is the First Thing you do when you wake up? showering.
When did you started skating? A started skating about 1999.
What is your current setup? 8.25 zero, independepnt, 52mm bones wheels.
Why did you start skating? because of my big brother, seen him skate and all my friend in middle school skated. i decided to try it, and been doing it ever since…

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